Point Break gets a second re-make

But this time the makers are coming clean about it: no more repackaging with Vin Diesel for the illegal car-racing revamp Fast and Furious – this is a proper, unashamed second take of a confirmed success.

Keanu Reeves is, well, Keanu Reeves – yes – and there is some very well-crafted cheese in Point Break, but it’s a thrilling action movie with demon twists and some brutal, thumping scenes backed up by proper characters and heart.

Spoiler alert: Point Break vs Fast and Furious

Will it be any good? Probably not (it will star Ray Winstone after all), although it should be decent enough for an Ironing Movie – my personal worst rating for a watchable film, a long way down from the top echelons Kill Someone for a Ticket, and Get a Job at the IMAX So You Can Watch It Before All the Losers.

…that’s to say, if I’ve forgotten to turn off the TV while I’m ironing, I might glance up to see how brazen the sex-in-the-sea scenes have turned out (see, I told you it was good).


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