Special forces: should secret soldiers ever be celebs? – 11 November

A soldier who says he killed Osama bin Laden claims his 15 minutes of fame on US TV – but does his need for recognition threaten the future of special forces? Channel 4 News

Russian military flights: propaganda or precursor to war? – 30 October

Why has Russia radically increased military flights on Nato’s borders – and how worried should we be? Channel 4 News

Theresa May’s comments on WMDs ’embellish the threat’ – 2 October

The Home Secretary warns that if they are not disrupted, the Islamic State group could acquire weapons of mass destruction – but has that threat been ‘sexed up’? Channel 4 News

Drifting Apart – the UK and US Armed Forces – August

Military leaders have warned repeatedly that the UK risks becoming a ‘hollow force’ unable to offer useful help to its closest ally, the United States – so is this the end of an unusually close partnership? Jane’s Defence Weekly

Why did the RAF scramble jets for a bomb hoax? – 5 August

An airline passenger is arrested at Manchester Airport after the pilot received information that a “device” may be on board – but why did the RAF scramble fighter jets to escort the plane? Channel 4 News

UK should keep Trident missiles, think tank urges – 1 July

A three-year review of the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent by an influential think tank has concluded that it should keep its current Trident missile-based system. Jane’s Defence Weekly

UK firms close in on MoD outsourcing contracts – 8 June

The Ministry of Defence is set to announce the winner of contracts worth £4.4 billion for managing its estate, with British firms Carillion and Amey tipped to clean up. Sunday Express

Air traffic control dogfight between Lockheed Martin and Thales UK to be settled – 18 May

Defence groups Lockheed Martin and a Thales UK are battling it out to win a £1.5 billion contract to manage the UK’s military air traffic control. Sunday Express

Ministry of Defence slashes outsourcing contracts by £1.8 billion – 18 May

The Ministry of Defence has slashed the value of contracts awarded to private outsourcing firms to manage its residential and training estates by nearly two-thirds to just £1 billion. Sunday Express

Boeing touts operational F-16 drone – 7 May

Boeing is working to convert F-16 fighter aircraft into fully-fledged unmanned drones for potential use by US armed forces. Jane’s Defence Weekly

Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine: the Georgia template – 3 May

Cyber attacks against Ukraine carry worrying echoes of Russia’s 2008 invasion of Georgia. Is this the new way to wage war? Channel 4 News

Scottish independence: No guts, no glory – 27 April

Would an independent Scotland be missing some essential body parts? Strife Blog

DynCorp set to pitch for Defence Support Group – 6 April

US defence group DynCorp is set to enter the UK market and is understood to be looking to acquire the Government’s military vehicle maintenance arm, Defence Support Group. Sunday Express

Clyde Shipyard closure could sink BAE jobs – 23 February

Defence giant BAE is considering job cuts at its shipyards on the Clyde as it decides whether to pull the plug on its operation at Govan. Sunday Express

What is ABI – and why could it make drones even deadlier? – 22 February

Drones are already being used to find terror targets but may do so automatically in a decade, and all thanks to the next big thing in US spying – Activity Based Intelligence. Channel 4 News

Scottish independence: Making the break – 15 January

The Scottish government’s long-awaited White Paper on independence has brought more detail to its defence and security plans, but as the 2014 referendum approaches significant questions remain unanswered. Jane’s Defence Weekly

BAE turns to 3D printing for fighter jet components – 5 January

Defence giant BAE is using parts on a fighter jet made with a 3D printer for the first time, exploiting technology that could save it millions of pounds. The firm has already saved £300,000 making components for the Tornado fighter and expects to use similar techniques for the Typhoon fighter. Sunday Express

AgustaWestland dealt another blow – 5 January

British-based helicopter maker AgustaWestland has suffered another blow after the Indian Ministry of Defence barred it from making a new batch of aircraft with a planned joint venture. The latest setback follows India’s termination of a £466 million helicopter contract with AgustaWestland amid bribery allegations. Sunday Express

Kalashnikov’s legacy? Global repression and rebellion – 24 December 2013

The AK-47 rifle, the brainchild of Mikhail Kalashnikov who died yesterday, was first used by Soviet Russia to suppress rebellious east European states, but soon became the freedom fighter’s creed. Channel 4 News

Lockheed Martin targets NHS deal – 1 December 2013

US defence firm Lockheed Martin is targeting the National Health Service and other health providers as part of its plan to enter the top five IT providers to UK government. It is already the number one IT provider to the US federal government. Sunday Express

BAE apprentice levels to hit 20-year high – 1 December 2013

Defence giant BAE has launched a drive to hire more than 350 new staff for its submarine business in Barrow-inFurness, Cumbria. Sunday Express

Why big business and the NSA sift through your data patterns – 27 November 2013

“Pattern-of-life” analysis has emerged as a new buzz term in revelations about the National Security Agency. But what is it? And how does it connect shopping with spying? Channel 4 News

Cyber warfare: The silent front – 13 November 2013

As the cyber threat continues to proliferate, nations worldwide are ramping up their capabilities in the race to stay ahead of a silent enemy. Jane’s Defence Weekly

The F-35: Lightning Countdown – October 2013 issue

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme has endured a tough journey of major delays and repeated threats to its funding but it’s not out of the woods yet. Matthew Bell looks at the hurdles that remain for its high-tech software development. Royal Aeronautical Society, Aerospace Magazine

Satellite communications on-the-move: All systems go – October 2013 issue

Despite the limitations of satellite communications on-the-move, the technology is set to proliferate as operational focus shifts towards the Asia-Pacific region. Matthew Bell reports. Shephard Media, Digital Battlespace

Scotland defence jobs in firing line – 29 September 2013

Scottish independence would force defence companies to move south of the border to get work, putting thousands of jobs at risk, MPs say. Sunday Express

How Putin’s Russia props up Assad’s military – 10 September 2013

Russia has been Syria’s main supplier of military hardware for the last 60 years – which means that if the US attacks Syria, it will face Russian missiles and fighter aircraft. Channel 4 News

Satellite networks: Written in the stars – September 2013 issue (P14)

Dependency on satellites for many aspects of military operations has in turn created vulnerabilities for networks. Matthew Bell examines the work undertaken as part of Multinational Experiment 7, an initiative addressing this issue. Shephard Media, Digital Battlespace

Is UK military action in Syria legal? – the key questions – 27 August 2013

If the UK were to take military action against Syria, how could the government make it legally sound? Channel 4 News

Syria: the military options – 26 August 2013

Britain and the US have been moved to strong words against the suspected use of chemical weapons in Syria in August, but what should be their objectives if pushed into military action? Channel 4 News

Interview: Victor Chavez, chief executive of Thales UK – August 2013

The Thales UK chief aims to boost defence exports as Western defence spending flattens, and is relishing the new “boringly predictable” approach taken by an emboldened Ministry of Defence (MoD) since it brought its vast malfunctioning procurement system under control. Jane’s Defence Weekly

Lib Dems forced to embrace Trident deterrent – 16 July 2013

A review of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, led by the Liberal Democrats, rejects alternatives to the submarine-based Trident system as too costly. Channel 4 News

South Korean contract tests Typhoon’s power – 9 June 2013

The Eurofighter Typhoon will soon face a key test of its export potential when South Korea decides on which aircraft to buy for its next generation of fighter jets. Sunday Express

Interview: Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment & Support – June 2013

The defence minister in charge of buying all MoD equipment has started a review of its biggest support agreements to find new savings and combat the “fantasy programmes” that he says used to bedevil the department. Jane’s Defence Weekly

US assures F-35 development funding until 2014 – 28 May 2013

The UK has received assurances from the US government that funding is secure for 2013 and 2014 for system design and development of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), according to a senior Ministry of Defence source. Jane’s Defence Weekly

Experts warn MoD outsourcing is way off target – 21 April 2013

Proposals to outsource the MoD’s equipment-buying arm, Defence Equipment & Support, are unworkable because they pose a threat to crucial bilateral weapons programmes, experts say. Sunday Express


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