Is London the capital of new escapism? – 8 November

Audiences in London are flocking to new productions of “immersive theatre” – secret, tailored shows in often wacky locations which take audience participation to a new extent. But what is behind this trend and did it originate in the capital?


Special forces: should secret soldiers ever be celebs? – 11 November

A soldier who says he killed Osama bin Laden claims his 15 minutes of fame on US TV – but does his need for recognition threaten the future of special forces?

Russian military flights: propaganda or precursor to war? – 30 October

Why has Russia radically increased military flights on Nato’s borders – and how worried should we be?

Theresa May’s comments on WMDs ’embellish the threat’ – 2 October

The Home Secretary warns that if they are not disrupted, the Islamic State group could acquire weapons of mass destruction – but has that threat been ‘sexed up’?

Life imitates art – it’s just a cliché, right? – 30 June

From the Titanic to Homeland, fiction has an uncanny habit of predicting reality – and it’s not finished yet.

Should Hollywood abandon the action movie old guard? – 14 June

As veteran Star Wars actor Harrison Ford recovers from a broken ankle sustained on set, is it time for the film industry to reconsider its reliance on ageing action stars?

Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine: the Georgia template – 3 May

Cyber attacks against Ukraine carry worrying echoes of Russia’s 2008 invasion of Georgia. Is this the new way to wage war?


How travel retail went from waste of time to strategically crucial – 27 March

Travel retail has undergone a renaissance over the past few years that has turned airports and stations into shopping destinations. Retail Week charts how it happened.


What is ABI – and why could it make drones even deadlier? – 22 February

Drones are already being used to find terror targets but may do so automatically in a decade, and all thanks to the next big thing in US spying – Activity Based Intelligence.

Why big business and the NSA sift through your data patterns – 27 November 2013

“Pattern-of-life” analysis has emerged as a new buzz term in revelations about the National Security Agency. But what is it? And how does it connect shopping with spying?

Kalashnikov’s legacy? Global repression and rebellion – 24 December 2013

The AK-47 rifle, the brainchild of Mikhail Kalashnikov who died yesterday, was first used by Soviet Russia to suppress rebellious east European states, but soon became the freedom fighter’s creed.


Drifting Apart – the UK and US Armed Forces – August

Military leaders have warned repeatedly that the UK risks becoming a ‘hollow force’ unable to offer useful help to its closest ally, the United States – so is this the end of an unusually close partnership?

Scottish independence: Making the break – 15 January

The Scottish government’s long-awaited White Paper on independence has brought more detail to its defence and security plans, but as the 2014 referendum approaches significant questions remain unanswered.

Cyber warfare: The silent front – 13 November 2013

As the cyber threat continues to proliferate, nations worldwide are ramping up their capabilities in the race to stay ahead of a silent enemy.


The F-35: Lightning Countdown – October 2013 issue

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme has endured a tough journey of major delays and repeated threats to its funding but it’s not out of the woods yet. Matthew Bell looks at the hurdles that remain for its high-tech software development.


Satellite communications on-the-move: All systems go – October 2013 issue

Despite the limitations of satellite communications on-the-move, the technology is set to proliferate as operational focus shifts towards the Asia-Pacific region. Matthew Bell reports.


Azerbaijan Airlines’ Makeover Nears Completion 23 September 2013

Azerbaijan Airlines wanted to rebrand its fleet of 18 aircraft and selected A J Walter Aviation, best known for component support, to managing the effort. AJW Group tapped Eirtech Aviation to paint the fleet.


Analysis: How retailers are developing leaders for the future – 16 August 2013

As Kingfisher launches its Talent Marketplace scheme, Matthew Bell examines the skills needed by the next generation of retail bosses and the balance between promoting internally and looking outside the business.

Analysis: Is Lord Wolfson’s bonus gift to Next staff a new trend? – 10 May 2013

Next chief executive Lord Wolfson made headlines with his unprecedented decision in April to share a £2.4m bonus among staff. Amid growing concern over excessive executive pay, Wolfson isn’t the only one to have forgone reward in recent years but he is the first to share his bonus with employees.


Interview: Victor Chavez, chief executive of Thales UK – August 2013

The Thales UK chief aims to boost defence exports as Western defence spending flattens, and is relishing the new “boringly predictable” approach taken by an emboldened Ministry of Defence (MoD) since it brought its vast malfunctioning procurement system under control.

Interview: Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment & Support – June 2013

The defence minister in charge of buying all MoD equipment has started a review of its biggest support agreements to find new savings and combat the “fantasy programmes” that he says used to bedevil the department.


UK Civil Aftermarket Firms Face Challenges But Have Prospects – 23 September 2013

The demand for British civil aftermarket work is expected to grow in the next decade, but most start-ups face an uphill struggle to enter a market being squeezed by original equipment manufacturers.


Satellite networks: Written in the stars – September 2013 issue (P14)

Dependency on satellites for many aspects of military operations has in turn created vulnerabilities for networks. Matthew Bell examines the work undertaken as part of Multinational Experiment 7, an initiative addressing this issue.


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