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Should Hollywood abandon the action movie old guard? For Channel 4 News

As veteran Star Wars actor Harrison Ford recovers from a broken ankle sustained on set, is it time for the film industry to reconsider its reliance on ageing action stars? Full story

Dallas Buyers Club

McConaughey is surrounded by actors giving the most ruthless, honest performances possible – not least Jared Leto, whose turn as Rayon leads Woodroof and the audience down so many paths unknown and unwanted, or Jennifer Garner, whose embodiment of care and devotion ask questions of us all. more

The Wolf of Wall Street

This is not a movie for the faint hearted, rammed so full of boozing, drug taking and ubiquitous bare flesh that in the end all it all seems to lose its meaning – which, you suspect, is the point. more

American Hustle

American Hustle is a blistering, sex-bomb, culture shock of a movie sporting the cream of today’s film talent at their striking and simple best. In a bevvy of stand-out performances, Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of the bitter-sweet Rosalyn stays with you long after the thrills, the cracking soundtrack and the sheer enjoyment of a movie that hits its potential on so many levels. more


You can tell you’re in the hands of genuine movie craftsmen here, squeezing every last drop of quality from their chosen fruit. It’s a refreshing change from directors who lay everything down in the first half hour and still expect you to maintain interest in barely concealed stereotypes and unimaginative plots. more

The Place Beyond the Pines

At first glance the film appears to be a semi-sequel to Gosling’s underworld tragedy Drive, but its greater depth and meaning gradually rope you into an unexpected and scintillating character thriller. more

Star Trek Into Darkness

The more the new Star Trek relies on old habits the less likely it is to succeed, and if JJ Abrams is too busy to continue directing its run it might be headed for filmic disaster anyway. more


Gael Garcia Bernal’s films achieve that rare and exciting feat: a genuine journey of discovery that destroys the edifice of pretension to reveal a burning truth tucked just beneath the surface. The kind of experience that Hollywood so often imitates but hardly ever pulls off. more


It’s clear the film makers put a lot of effort into perfecting the onscreen rapport between Tom Cruise and co-star Andrea Roseborough, who play the caretaker remnants of a ravaged human race that has long since left Earth for the sanctuary of Saturn’s moon Titan. more

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