News Stories

Stalled green policy costing UK billions – 8 June

Business leaders have warned that the Government is blocking a “tidal wave of investment” by failing to implement green energy standards for commercial buildings. Sunday Express

Liverpool’s regeneration draws interest from foreign firms – 1 June

Liverpool is attracting interest from foreign companies hoping to relocate as it undergoes a 20-year redevelopment that its mayor hopes will turn it into “one of the greatest cities of the world”. Sunday Express

New building code of conduct could blight construction sector – 25 May

Some of Britain’s top construction companies stand to lose millions due to a new code of conduct on delayed payment, a leading economist has warned. Sunday Express

Heathrow City ‘would be an annual £8 billion boon’ – 18 May

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is drawing up plans for a new “City” to replace Heathrow airport, which it is claimed could boost the UK economy by £8 billion a year. Sunday Express

HS2’s £25bn boost to the North – 9 February

Northern cities stand to reap up to £25 billion if the construction of the High Speed 2 rail link begins outside London first, in contrast to current plans.

In a report that will be published on March 14, HS2 chairman David Higgins is expected to propose building the northern sections of the project at the same time as southern ones, or sooner. Sunday Express

Kitemark flying in Mexico – 9 February

British building companies are in line for contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds after Mexico adopted the UK’s ‘kite mark’ for eco-friendly construction. Mexico is set to spend £1 billion on housing and infrastructure over the next six years. Sunday Express

Working together to cut £3.5bn from HS2 – 22 September 2013

The Government is attempting to save £3.5 billion from the cost of its controversial High Speed 2 rail project by synchronising individual projects to simplify its construction. Sunday Express

Tenants will have to wait for Green Deal funding – 22 September 2013

Millions of rented homes will remain ineligible for Green Deal financing until at least January 2014 as the Government drags its feet on closing a legal loophole. Sunday Express

Central African Republic: revenge death toll rises – 19 December 2013

Nearly 1,000 people are killed over two days in brutal reprisal attacks in the Central African Republic this month – double the UN estimate, according to Amnesty International. Channel 4 News

Graveyard of migrants: Sahara claims latest victims – 31 October 2013

The 92 migrants found dead in Niger were just a handful of people among thousands each year who brave dehydration and starvation to escape across the Sahara desert. Channel 4 News

Is it thumbs up for the Royal Mail sell-off? – 7 October 2013

There are fears vulnerable people in rural communities may suffer if the local postie is pushed out by profit-making motives, while arguments continue over whether Royal Mail has been undervalued. Channel 4 News

Is privatisation the right move for Royal Mail – and for us? – 12 September 2013

And would Postman Pat have approved? Channel 4 News looks at the wisdom of selling off Britain’s 500-year old delivery service. Channel 4 News

People power: from Live Aid to fracking – 16 August 2013

As campaigners ready for protest against Cuadrilla’s fracking operation in the quiet village of Balcombe, Channel 4 News looks at the history of people power when it succeeds – and when it fails. Channel 4 News

Al-Qaeda on the loose: the FBI’s most wanted – 5 August 2013

Amid fears that a series of prison breaks in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan have unleashed dozens of al-Qaeda’s top operatives, Channel 4 News profiles the FBI’s most wanted terrorists. Channel 4 News


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